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Encrypted File System Lab


In a traditional file system, files are usually stored on disks unencrypted. When the disks are stolen by someone, contents of those files can be easily recovered by the malicious people. To protect files even when the disks are stolen, we can use encryption tools to encrypt files. For example, we can use ``pgp'' command to encrypt files. However, this is quite inconvenient; users need to decrypt a file before editing the file, and then remember to encrypt it afterward. It will be better if encryption and decryption can be transparant to users. Encrypted File System (EFS) is developed for such a purpose, and it has been implemented in a number of operating systems, such as Solaris, Windows NT, and Linux.

Lab Description and Tasks (pdf)

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Time for This Lab: 4 weeks

Files and Helping Materials

Updated on 3/2/2007