Tool 73: Simulate presence of a/several computer/s (arp and ping)


  This tool simulates the presence of a computer. It will answer to ARP
  requests and ping.
  Other hosts can 'see' this virtual computer, but it will not really
  exist. This tool is frequently used to answer ARP when a tool is
  sending packets with a spoofed IP address.
  Parameter --ips defines the fake IP address of this computer.
  Parameter --eths defines the fake Ethernet address of this computer.
  If --no-answer-arp or --no-answer-ping is set, tool does not answers
  to ARP/IPv6NeighborDiscovery and ping.
  It works only on a Ethernet device. When e is a list, it is reordered.




  netwox 73 [-d device] -i ips -e eths [-a|+a] [-p|+p]


parameter description example
-d|--device device device name Eth0
-i|--ips ips list/range of IP addresses,
-e|--eths eths list/range of ethernet addresses 0:2:3:4:5:6,0:2:3:4:5:8
-a|--answer-arp|+a|--no-answer-arp answer ARP This boolean is set.
Use + or --no- to unset it.
-p|--answer-ping|+p|--no-answer-ping answer ICMP Echo Request This boolean is set.
Use + or --no- to unset it.


  netwox 73 -i "," -e "0:2:3:4:5:6,0:2:3:4:5:8"

  netwox 73 --ips "," --eths "0:2:3:4:5:6,0:2:3:4:5:8"