Tool 70: Scan UDP (EthIp spoof)


  This tool checks if several UDP ports are open on host.
  This tool sends an UDP packet to a computer. If host permits UDP, it
  will send back an ICMP error (if port is closed), or send back nothing
  (if port is open). So, it's important to understand UDP port has to be
  closed for computer to return something.
  This tool also permits to use fake Ethernet and IP addresses.




  netwox 70 -i ips -p ports [-d device] [-E eth] [-I ip] [-m uint32] [-M uint32] [-u|+u] [-n uint32]


parameter description example
-i|--ips ips list/range of IP addresses,
-p|--ports ports list/range of port number 123,456
-d|--device device device name Eth0
-E|--src-eth eth source ethernet address 0:a:a:a:a:a
-I|--src-ip ip source IP address
-m|--min-ms uint32 min millisecond delay between packets 0
-M|--max-ms uint32 max millisecond wait for answers 0
-u|--disp-useful|+u|--no-disp-useful only display useful info  
-n|--numtargets uint32 number of simultaneous targets 20


  netwox 70 -i "," -p "123,456"

  netwox 70 --ips "," --ports "123,456"