Tool 64: Traceroute on a specified IP protocol (EthIp spoof)


  This tool lists routers on the path to a computer. To achieve this,
  packets have their TTL (Time To Live) slowly increased. If TTL reaches
  0 in transit, the corresponding router sends back an ICMP error.
  This tool sends an IP only packet. There is no way to detect end (it
  depends on protocol), so user has to interrupt tool at end.
  This tool also permits to use fake Ethernet and IP addresses.


  netwox 64 -i ip [-d device] [-E eth] [-e eth] [-I ip] [-p uint32] [-D mixed_data] [-t uint32] [-m uint32]


parameter description example
-i|--dst-ip ip destination IP address
-d|--device device spoof device Eth0
-E|--src-eth eth source ethernet address 0:a:a:a:a:a
-e|--dst-eth eth destination ethernet address 0:b:b:b:b:b
-I|--src-ip ip source IP address
-p|--protocol uint32 ip protocol 1
-D|--ip4-data mixed_data mixed data  
-t|--max-ttl uint32 max ttl 30
-m|--max-ms uint32 max millisecond wait 0


  netwox 64 -i ""

  netwox 64 --dst-ip ""