Tool 58: Traceroute ICMP (EthIP spoof)


  This tool lists routers on the path to a computer. To achieve this,
  packets have their TTL (Time To Live) slowly increased. If TTL reaches
  0 in transit, the corresponding router sends back an ICMP error.
  This tool sends an ICMP Echo Request to a computer. If host is up and
  permitting ping, it will send back an ICMP Echo Reply.
  This tool also permits to use fake Ethernet and IP addresses.


  netwox 58 -i ip [-d device] [-E eth] [-e eth] [-I ip] [-t uint32] [-m uint32]


parameter description example
-i|--dst-ip ip destination IP address
-d|--device device spoof device Eth0
-E|--src-eth eth source ethernet address 0:a:a:a:a:a
-e|--dst-eth eth destination ethernet address 0:b:b:b:b:b
-I|--src-ip ip source IP address
-t|--max-ttl uint32 max ttl 30
-m|--max-ms uint32 max millisecond wait 0


  netwox 58 -i ""

  netwox 58 --dst-ip ""