Tool 3: Display information about an IP address or a hostname


  This tool obtains addresses of a computer.
  For example, from an IP address, obtain hostname and Ethernet address.
  For example, from a hostname, obtain IP address and Ethernet address.
  Parameter --title displays title in front of each result.
  Parameter --ip displays IP address.
  Parameter --host displays main hostname.
  Parameter --hosts displays list of hostnames (one IP address can have
  several hostnames).
  Parameter --eth displays Ethernet address.
  If no option (ip, host, hosts, eth) is set, they are all displayed.
  Parameter --all displays information about a list of addresses (for
  example 'netwox 3 -a').


  ip4, ip6, ipv4, ipv6, mac, show


  netwox 3 -q data [-t|+t] [-i|+i] [-h|+h] [-H|+H] [-e|+e] [-a|+a]


parameter description example
-q|--query data IP address or hostname
-t|--title|+t|--no-title display titles  
-i|--ip|+i|--no-ip obtain IP address  
-h|--host|+h|--no-host obtain hostname  
-H|--hosts|+H|--no-hosts obtain hostnames  
-e|--eth|+e|--no-eth obtain Ethernet address  
-a|--all|+a|--no-all display all IP addresses  


  netwox 3 -q ""

  netwox 3 --query ""