Tool 19: Extract a range of packets from a record


  This tool extracts a range of packets from one record, and save them
  in another record. For example, it can extract packet number 2 to
  number 5.
  Parameter --src-file indicates the input record filename.
  Parameter --dst-file indicates the output record filename.
  Parameter --recordencode defines how to encode data in this record
  (suggested values: bin, pcap and mixed_wrap).


  capture, frame


  netwox 19 -f file -F file [-r recordencode] [-s uint32] [-e uint32]


parameter description example
-f|--src-file file input record file srcfile.txt
-F|--dst-file file output record file dstfile.txt
-r|--recordencode recordencode encoding type for output record bin
-s|--start uint32 start packet (from 1) 0
-e|--end uint32 end packet (0=nolimit) 0


  netwox 19 -f "srcfile.txt" -F "dstfile.txt"

  netwox 19 --src-file "srcfile.txt" --dst-file "dstfile.txt"