Tool 175: Web download (http://... or ftp://...) and check its MD5


  This tool downloads a HTTP or FTP file and check its MD5.
  It ensures the server is working properly.
  Parameter --uri is the uri/url requested.
  Parameter --md5 is the expected md5sum.
  Parameters --proxy-ip, --proxy-port, --proxy-login and
  --proxy-password defines the web proxy and credentials.
  Parameter --user-agent defines the client name to send. For example


  netwox 175 -u uri -m data [-p ip] [-P port] [-l data] [-L password] [-U data] [-T uint32]


parameter description example
-u|--uri uri url/uri to download
-m|--md5 data wanted md5 f5e1ff8de2e31c88685b5db5ff442c9c
-p|--proxy-ip ip IP address of proxy
-P|--proxy-port port port of proxy 3128
-l|--proxy-login data login of proxy  
-L|--proxy-password password password of proxy  
-U|--user-agent data user agent  
-T|--timeout uint32 timeout in ms 10000


  netwox 175 -u "" -m "f5e1ff8de2e31c88685b5db5ff442c9c"

  netwox 175 --uri "" --md5 "f5e1ff8de2e31c88685b5db5ff442c9c"