Tool 17: Recompute checksums of packets in a record


  This tool reads packet from one record, recompute their checksums, and
  write them in another record.
  Parameter --src-file indicates the input record filename.
  Parameter --input-dlt defines the DLT of packets in input record (it
  depends on how it was sniffed, generally 'ether' (for Ethernet) or
  'raw' (if packet starts at IP header)). Full list is available through
  netwag or running tool 12.
  Parameter --dst-file indicates the output record filename.
  Parameter --recordencode defines how to encode data in this record
  (suggested values: bin, pcap and mixed_wrap).


  capture, verify


  netwox 17 -f file [-t dlt] -F file [-r recordencode]


parameter description example
-f|--src-file file input record file srcfile.txt
-t|--input-dlt dlt dlt type of input record ether
-F|--dst-file file output record file dstfile.txt
-r|--recordencode recordencode encoding type for output record bin


  netwox 17 -f "srcfile.txt" -F "dstfile.txt"

  netwox 17 --src-file "srcfile.txt" --dst-file "dstfile.txt"