Tool 140: Spoof EthernetIp6


  This tool sends a fake packet on the network.
  Each parameter name should be self explaining.


  frame, hping, mac, ipv6


  netwox 140 [-d device] [-a eth] [-b eth] [-c uint32] [-l uint32] [-f uint32] [-g uint32] [-h ip] [-i ip] [-j ip6exts] [-k mixed_data] [-m uint32] [-e uint32]


parameter description example
-d|--device device device for spoof Eth0
-a|--eth-src eth Ethernet src 0:1:1:1:1:1
-b|--eth-dst eth Ethernet dst 0:8:9:a:b:c
-c|--ip6-trafficclass uint32 IP6 traffic class 0
-l|--ip6-flowlabel uint32 IP6 flow label 0
-f|--ip6-protocol uint32 IP6 next_header/protocol 0
-g|--ip6-ttl uint32 IP6 hop_limit/ttl 0
-h|--ip6-src ip IP6 src fec0:0:0:1::1
-i|--ip6-dst ip IP6 dst fec0:0:0:1::2
-j|--ip6-exts ip6exts IP6 extensions  
-k|--ip6-data mixed_data mixed data  
-m|--eth-type uint32 Ethernet type 2048
-e|--ip6-payloadlength uint32 IP6 payload length 0


  netwox 140