Tool 14: Spoof


  This tool reads packets stored in a record, and send them to the
  Parameter --file indicates the record filename.
  Parameter --dlt defines the DLT of packets in record (it depends on
  how it was sniffed, generally 'ether' (for Ethernet) or 'raw' (if
  packet starts at IP header)). Full list is available through netwag or
  running tool 12.
  If dlt is not raw, parameter --device indicates the device to use.
  If dlt is raw, parameter --spoofip indicates how to send packets.


  capture, frame


  netwox 14 -f file [-t dlt] [-s|+s] [-k|+k] [-d device] [-i spoofip]


parameter description example
-f|--file file read from record file srcfile.txt
-t|--dlt dlt dlt type of data stored in record ether
-s|--screen|+s|--no-screen display packets before sending them  
-k|--keypress|+k|--no-keypress press a key for each packet  
-d|--device device device for spoof (if dlt!=raw) Eth0
-i|--spoofip spoofip ip spoof type (if dlt==raw) best


  netwox 14 -f "srcfile.txt"

  netwox 14 --file "srcfile.txt"