Tool 135: Convert urls in a HMTL file to absolute urls


  This tool converts urls/uris in a file.
  For example, file index.html downloaded from http://srv/R/index.html
  might contain urls of the form '../S/img.png'. Loading index.html in a
  browser will lead to broken images because they are not on the local
  computer. This tool converts '../S/img.png' to the absolute real url
  'http://srv/S/img.png'. Here is how to use it:
    netwox 135 index.html index2.html


  netwox 135 -i file -o file -u uri


parameter description example
-i|--src-file file input HTML file t.htm
-o|--dst-file file created HTML file out.htm
-u|--url uri absolute url of file http://s/t.htm


  netwox 135 -i "t.htm" -o "out.htm" -u "http://s/t.htm"

  netwox 135 --src-file "t.htm" --dst-file "out.htm" --url "http://s/t.htm"