Tool 132: Brute force http client (proxy password)


  This tool successively tries couples of login and passwords in order
  to find matching authentication credentials.
  This tool tries to find password of web proxy (basic authentication).
  Parameter --uri is the uri/url requested.
  Parameter --user-agent defines the client name to send. For example
  Parameter --login defines the logins to try. To check several logins,
  parameter --login-file is the file containing logins (one per line).
  Parameter --password-file is the file containing passwords (1/line).
  Parameter --stopatfirst indicates to stop when first match is found.
  Parameter --numthread defines the number of threads (simultaneous
  running checks) to use.
  Parameter --dst-ip is the address of remote host/server.
  Parameter --dst-port is the port number where to connect.
  Optional parameter --src-ip defines the local IP address to use.
  Optional parameter --src-port defines the local port number to use.
  Optional parameter --ip4opts permits to add IPv4 options encoded as
  Optional parameter --ip6exts permits to add IPv6 options encoded as
  mixed (first byte is the next header number).
  Optional parameters --device, --src-eth and --dst-eth permits to
  create a virtual client using fake addresses.


  netwox 132 -u uri -p ip [-P port] [-L data] -w file [-l file] [-U data] [-T uint32] [-s|+s] [-n uint32] [-v|+v]


parameter description example
-u|--uri uri url/uri to download http://server/private/
-p|--proxy-ip ip IP address of proxy
-P|--proxy-port port port of proxy 3128
-L|--login data login  
-w|--password-file file password file passwordfile.txt
-l|--login-file file login file loginfile.txt
-U|--user-agent data user agent  
-T|--timeout uint32 timeout in milliseconds 60000
-s|--stopatfirst|+s|--no-stopatfirst stop at first valid login found  
-n|--numthread uint32 number of threads to launch 5
-v|--verbose|+v|--no-verbose be verbose This boolean is set.
Use + or --no- to unset it.


  netwox 132 -u "http://server/private/" -p "" -w "passwordfile.txt"

  netwox 132 --uri "http://server/private/" --proxy-ip "" --password-file "passwordfile.txt"