Tool 127: Cypher/decypher a file using a xor


  This tool permits to cypher and decypher a file. This algorithm is not
  very strong, and can be defeated using a known text attack.
  It uses the --password parameter to generate a pseudo-random string.
  Then, a XOR is done between the string and the file's content.
  Due to XOR properties, this tool can also decrypt.


  netwox 127 -p password -i file -o file


parameter description example
-p|--password password password hello
-i|--src-file file source filename srcfile.txt
-o|--dst-file file destination filename dstfile.txt


  netwox 127 -p "hello" -i "srcfile.txt" -o "dstfile.txt"

  netwox 127 --password "hello" --src-file "srcfile.txt" --dst-file "dstfile.txt"