Tool 120: HTTP POST


  This tool sends a HTTP request using method POST. HTTP protocol
  defines POST method to retrieve a document, giving some more
  parameters. For example, 'http://server/index.s?v=a1&v=2' can be
  converted to a POST request with '--uri http://server/index.s' and
  '--parameters v=a1&v=2'.
  Please note & is a special shell character, so it has to be escaped.
  Parameter --uri is the uri/url requested.
  Parameters --proxy-ip, --proxy-port, --proxy-login and
  --proxy-password defines the web proxy and credentials.
  Parameter --user-agent defines the client name to send. For example
  Parameter --display-status indicates to display status code of reply
  to screen.
  Parameter --display-headers indicates to display reply headers.
  Parameter --file-headers indicates the filename where to store
  Parameter --display-body indicates to display reply body.
  Parameter --file-body indicates the filename where to store body.


  netwox 120 -u uri [-a data] [-s|+s] [-h|+h] [-b|+b] [-p ip] [-P port] [-l data] [-L password] [-U data] [-H file] [-B file] [-T uint32]


parameter description example
-u|--uri uri url/uri to download http://server/
-a|--parameters data parameters var=val&var2=val2
-s|--display-status|+s|--no-display-status display statuscode to screen  
-h|--display-headers|+h|--no-display-headers display headers to screen  
-b|--display-body|+b|--no-display-body display body to screen  
-p|--proxy-ip ip IP address of proxy
-P|--proxy-port port port of proxy 3128
-l|--proxy-login data login of proxy  
-L|--proxy-password password password of proxy  
-U|--user-agent data user agent  
-H|--file-headers file file receiving headers filehdr.txt
-B|--file-body file file receiving body filebody.txt
-T|--timeout uint32 timeout in ms 10000


  netwox 120 -u "http://server/"

  netwox 120 --uri "http://server/"