Tool 110: Ethernet bridge limiting flow


  This tool is an Ethernet bridge. It has to be run on a computer having
  two network cards. This computer cuts the network in two. It permits
  to limit the flow. This can be used to simulate a slow network in
  order to test an application.
  A --max12 or --max21 of 0 means no limitation.


  netwox 110 -d device -D device [-m uint32] [-M uint32] [-v|+v]


parameter description example
-d|--device1 device first device Eth0
-D|--device2 device second device Eth0
-m|--max12 uint32 max byte/sec from 1 to 2 0
-M|--max21 uint32 max byte/sec from 2 to 1 0
-v|--verbose|+v|--no-verbose verbose This boolean is set.
Use + or --no- to unset it.


  netwox 110 -d "Eth0" -D "Eth0"

  netwox 110 --device1 "Eth0" --device2 "Eth0"