Tool 107: Post a newsgroup message


  This tool posts a newsgroup message. It connects on a NNTP server.
  Parameter --from sets From header.
  Parameter --from-name sets the name of user in From header.
  Parameter --subject sets Subject header
  Parameter --file-body is the file containing the body of message.
  Parameter --file-att is the file containing the attachment.
  Parameter --newsgroup sets the newsgroup name.
  Parameters --user and --pass defines the username and password.
  Parameter --dst-ip is the address of remote host/server.
  Parameter --dst-port is the port number where to connect.
  Optional parameter --src-ip defines the local IP address to use.
  Optional parameter --src-port defines the local port number to use.
  Optional parameter --ip4opts permits to add IPv4 options encoded as
  Optional parameter --ip6exts permits to add IPv6 options encoded as
  mixed (first byte is the next header number).
  Optional parameters --device, --src-eth and --dst-eth permits to
  create a virtual client using fake addresses.




  netwox 107 -i ip -f email -g data -S data [-B file] [-u data] [-a password] [-d device] [-E eth] [-e eth] [-I ip] [-P port] [-p port] [-o ip4opts] [-O ip6exts] [-n data] [-A file] [-T uint32]


parameter description example
-i|--dst-ip ip destination IP address
-f|--from email user email address
-g|--newsgroup data newsgroup
-S|--subject data email subject hello
-B|--file-body file file containing email body file-body.txt
-u|--user data username  
-a|--pass password password  
-d|--device device device name Eth0
-E|--src-eth eth source ethernet address 0:2:3:4:5:6
-e|--dst-eth eth destination ethernet address 0:8:9:a:b:c
-I|--src-ip ip source IP address
-P|--src-port port source port number 0
-p|--dst-port port destination port number 119
-o|--ip4opts ip4opts IPv4 options  
-O|--ip6exts ip6exts IPv6 extensions  
-n|--from-name data from name Bob
-A|--file-att file file containing email attachment file-att.tgz
-T|--timeout uint32 timeout in milliseconds 10000


  netwox 107 -i "" -f "" -g "" -S "hello"

  netwox 107 --dst-ip "" --from "" --newsgroup "" --subject "hello"