CIS/CSE 774   -   Fall 2013

Information about Exam 1

General Overview

  • When: Thursday, October 3 in class.
  • How: Closed book, closed notes
    I will provide you with copies of the following figures from the text:
  • Coverage:
  • Access-control logic, including:
  • Principal expressions: simple principal names, plus compound principals P&Q, P|Q
  • Statements of the logic, including: P says phi, P => Q, P controls phi
  • Semantics of the logic, using Kripke structures
  • Inference rules of the logic
  • Formal proofs *in* the logic
  • Meta proofs *about* the logic (e.g., soundness proofs)
  • Short version: Chapters 1-3 of the textbook (everything through HW 4, but not including tickets/ACLs)

  • Types of Questions You Should Expect

    Note: I don't promise to ask only the following sorts of questions. However, if you can answer these sorts of questions, you should be in good shape.

  • When given a Kripke structure and a specific formula, you should be able to determine the set of worlds in which that formula is true.
  • When given a formula in the access-control logic, you should be able to give a Kripke structure (with non-empty W, I and J) that satisfies (i.e., models) it. Likewise, you should be able to give a Kripke structure that does not satisfy it.
  • When given an axiom or inference rule in the access-control logic (or a proposed rule that is sound), you should be able to prove its soundness in the underlying Kripke model.
  • When given a proposed axiom or inference rule that is not sound, you should be able to construct a particular Kripke structure and instance of the rule that demonstrates its lack of soundness.
  • When given a set of premises and a desired conclusion that logically follows from those premise, you should be able to construct a formal proof using the inference rulesof the access-control logic.

  • For Some Practice

    The 2011 exam, and some sample solutions

    The Aftermath:

    The exam itself, plus sample solutions

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