Patrick J. McSweeney, PhD
Assistant Teaching Professor, Computer Science




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Office: Center for Science and Technology 1-214a
Address: Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
               Syracuse University
               Syracuse, New York 13244-4100 USA


Research Interests: Complex Network Analysis (Social, biological & artificial), Community Identification, relationships between structure and function, emergent behavior.


CIS 486 Design of Operating Systems, Fall 2017
CIS 657 Principles of Operating Systems Fall 2017




P.J. McSweeney, K. Mehrotr, J. Oh. Community detection through self organizing nodes. WCSS 2008 Proceedings, Fairfax, Va.

McSweeney, P. J.; Mehrotra, K. & Oh, J. C. A New Community Detection Algorithm Based on Makov-Chains and a Team Formation Model. IEEE Computer Society, 2009, 371-372.

McSweeney, P. J.; Mehrotra, K. & Oh, J. C. A Force-directed layout algorithm for community detection.The second world congress on social simulation. August 2010 Springer series on agent-based simulation.

McSweeney, P. J.; Kuber, K.; Mehrotra, K. & Oh, J. C. A Community Structure Based Analysis of East Anglia Climate Change Email Network. ASONAM 2010. (submitted)



A demonstration of the force-directed layout for community detection on the karate network.





CCENet Climate Change Email Network




Art Work:

The majority of the following images are the results from courses CIS 400 Chaos & Dynamical Systems and CIS 790 Measure Theory and Fractals at Syracuse University given by Dr. Blair in Fall 2002 and Spring 2007 respectively.



Projects: The following is a list of projects I have been involved with. Some of the projects have been completed for classes, others have been more research directed. Hopefully this summer I will find the time to get these projects a bit more in order.


OpenGL Pool

Nothing that original, but fun to workon (Fall 2003).



This code was used for instruction of CPS 196 (summer 2009). It is written C/C++ and OpenGL. 



In conjunction with CIS 586 I have used and developed JNachos, a java version of the original nachos. Admitedly there are other Java versions of Nachos already available, this version is tailored towards the undergraduate course in Operating System Design at Syracuse University.


Random Networks Plugin

Google Summer of Code 2008

Organization: Cytoscape
GSOC Proposal













Network Statistics and Algorithms

Google Summer of Code 2009

Organization: Gephi

GSOC Proposal










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· Namygal Web Page in Ithaca

· PhD Comics