Patrick J. McSweeney

Assistant Teaching Professor, Ph.D. Syracuse University, 2010

Office: CST 3-127
Address: EECS Department, CST 4-206, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 13244
Department: Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Social Networking: LinkedIn

Professional Experience

I spent several years in the tech industry working for both Amazon and Google after getting my doctorate at Syracuse.

At Amazon I was worked in Product Advertising and Sponsored Products. I was both technical lead and later manager of the targeting sub-team, that was responsible for finding relevant ("related") advertisements.

At Google I was technical lead for the machine learning sub-team of Double Click Bid Manager and later was lead developer for an Ad Unit within Hotel Ads .

Educational Activities

I am the program director for the online Masters program in Computer Science, Cyber security and Computer Engineering Engineering@Syracuse
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